Everyone loves cake, right? Bakes and Cakes promise to deliver you delicious and perfect cakes for every occasion and celebration.

Mitesh.N.Jani founded “Bakes and Cakes” in 2008. Mitesh has been in the bakery business now for more than ten years. He knows the advanced methods of baking and is one of the best bakers in Vadodara city today.

Here at Bakes and Cakes, we make sure that we serve you the cakes with the best quality and the taste which has been winning hearts of our customers for a long time now.

We have cakes for all your small and big celebrations such as Wedding cakes, Photo cakes, 3D cakes, Birthday cakes, Engagement cakes. We have also introduced a new category of cakes recently: Baby shower cakes. Our cakes are made with love and served with smiles.

We believe in making your day by our creamy, chocolaty and freshly-baked cakes.


Apart from specializing in cakes, Bakes and Cakes also provides other bakery products such as Bread, Brownies, Khari, Toasts, Puffs, etc. that are ready to eat.

In Bread, we offer a wide range of varieties such as Wheat Bread, Multigrain Bread, Pizza Base, Burger Buns, Hotdog bread, etc. For all the health conscious people we would suggest them to try our Multigrain bread once as we have been getting a lot of positive feedback for the same.

One of our most consumer-loved and sold bakery items are brownies and pudding cups. We also supply the desserts, savoury, and other bakery items to almost all the catering service providers in Vadodara.

We are also introducing Hot Section soon. In which you will get yummy Pizzas and Burgers served hot. We also provide live counters for parties and other occasions at the affordable rate. It will surely satiate your hunger and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For Franchise inquiry, you can contact us further.